Sundog Residence

A warm, modern project designed for a kite boarding enthusiast and family that enjoys outdoor living. Kite boarding is a dynamic and exhilarating way of experiencing the Lake Michigan waters that this home overlooks.

The program for this Lake Michigan home is organized along a long lineal mass that provides the stability for the spaces, much like the board of the kite boarder gives that base with which to play from. Spaces from there were offered the freedom to glide out toward the lake. One should register a sense of movement when experiencing the home. The main spaces were given a roof that seemingly captures the wind with its outreaching length and the glazing surround gives it the lightness likened to the kite. Spaces are perched above and reaching out to allow for the connection to the lake and adds to the excitement. The entry sequence draws visitors in with a warm, humble welcome before showcasing the soaring rooflines and abundant natural light. The project’s namesake refers to the refraction of sunlight, seen frequently near sunset at the lake. Through a number of moves, the project aims to do just that, pull the sun’s light into the interiors.

Concept Diagram.

Describing in diagram how the long lineal mass will separate gathering spaces from private spaces.  This element will not only be an organizing feature within the home, but also extend into the site to organize exterior spaces as well as introduce itself. 

hand sketch plan diagram modern home Lucid Architecture

Site Circulation and Organization.

On the narrow lakefront site we often encounter, study diagrams are key to understanding where to place spaces on the site. The actual design was ultimately mirrored on the site because of these studies and understanding of neighboring structures that was gained.


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