rosy mound
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Set on the shore of Lake Michigan, the Rosy Mound Retreat challenges the traditional approach to how a home interacts with its site while also responding to the client's desire for a rugged box to replace an aging mid-century modern structure currently located there.

The restrictions imposed by current Critical Dune and DEQ regulations required the structure to be placed significantly further landward than the existing structure, which also will have the effect of cutting off the view to the water and beach below.  By raising the main living areas of the home up to the second level, much of the view could be preserved.  To maintain the view and connection from the rear of the site past the structure, the living room is suspended between the main portion of the home and a concrete fireplace.  This move also creates a sheltered area at grade to store gear and stage for the day’s activities.  A sliding shutter system is being explored as an option to protect the home from elements, that are often intensified at the lake, while not in use.

Upper Level Plan

Ground Level Plan

Site Plan


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