Holcomb Hills Residence

A modern design solution to a challenging site. Balanced along a dune's ridge, the home is sited to take advantage of the existing topography and site's extremely limited buildable area.

This couple wanted a space to enjoy together but also welcome friends and grown children frequently.  The wooded property is beautiful and the goal was to keep it as natural as possible.  Even though the site is large, it has a surprisingly small allowable area on which to build per Michigan’s DEQ regulations because of the steep slopes on either side of the ridge.  The linear home follows and balances along the dune’s ridge, providing ample opportunities for large windows along it’s length.  A pool patio and roof top deck to the west become integral extensions of the indoor entertaining area.

Site Aerial.

The home follows the east-west oriented ridge of the site, creating a linear plan that frames views to the north and south as you move through the home.    

Framed Views.

Siting the home created a unique opportunity in the placement of the master bath.  Framing the views with large, floor to ceiling windows, gives the master bath a tranquil feeling as they view out along the ridge’s crest.


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