Edlyn Lane Residence

A 20-year home for an expanding family, the Edlyn Lane residence, was designed with lasting quality as well as flexibility for changes over time. The 5-acre wooded and highly sloped landscape has a natural high point near the rear of the site. Utilizing this feature for placement of the home allowed for the residence to be sited to preserve the most beautifully wooded site areas that also offer privacy off the roads.

The warm modernness of the home allows it to be distinctive comparative to neighbors while aptly blending into the surrounding environment.  Expanses of glass located in key entertainment and relaxation areas activate those rooms with light and extend connectivity to the landscape.  The family enjoys informal entertaining, therefore the gourmet kitchen deserved to be central to the home and equipped with views and access to all the exterior entertainment spaces that are covered by long low sloping roof extensions.  Guests are welcomed into this home by a linear floating bridge that pulls them in over the terrain before entering the home.   Interior spaces will be clean, tranquil, and open.


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