Bendemeer Residence

Nestled on a wooded lot just off Lake Michigan, the house is a quiet family retreat for an active family. The design integrates the home into its surroundings with materials and the highlighting of beautiful beach trees, while enhancing the ability to experience both home and nature together.

The retreat is broken up into three main living pavilions; each are refined black, cedar clad boxes and attached to each other by transitional elements.  These boxes feature minimalist detailing and large glass walls that wrap corners and carve away from the otherwise rigid box.   The understated, yet elegant compound is perched up above the site, allowing for an interesting arrival sequence that reaches out from the entry to the detached garage.   The nearby highway requires the design to mitigate the loud highway noise.  A layering of gabion walls with small apertures on the highway side of the project serve as noise break.   Organization of the pavilions creates a void in the middle of the house, creating an outdoor courtyard that offers an outdoor retreat from the sounds.


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